Site updates:

30.09.2017 // Changed web rating from G-PG to PG-14 because of my social media links. Also changed my contact e-mail to

24.08.2017 // The basic premise in ABOUT is ripe and ready to go!

24.08.2017 // Originals section in MUSIC is ripe and ready to go!

23.08.2017 // Almost done constructing the skeleton of the whole webpage.

16.08.2017 // Started the website as a "test of waters". Hosted by Neocities for the time being.

07.10.2017 // Moved to Netlify for hosting and implemented Gatsby.js & React.js!

Special thanks to resir014 for spending his free time helping me out making my site better! He also made the website more responsive for mobile devices. ☺

25.08.2017 // Added spoiler tags to YouTube Videos in the music section

I realised how much memory is consumed when trying to load too many embedded videos in one page. Hopefully, adding a spoiler tag can alleviate memory problems. If problems still persist, do not hestitate to get in touch with me. You may also want to try refreshing the cache (Ctrl+F5) first, however. Cheers!

25.08.2017 // Moved to Crazy Domains for hosting!