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Chiptunes = WIN I main around their Facebook group page for chiptune discussions & compilations.
DEFENSE MECHANISM’s homepage. We work together to pioneer new techniques for LSDJ.
Dimeback Dimeback’s SoundCloud. He was the one who studied chibi-tech’s techniques meticulously (as Mozart did to Bach) to create his own flair with Tim Follin influence.
Emma Essex’s personal homepage. You may otherwise know them as Halley Labs.
Blitz Lunar’s Bandcamp. He is the secondary sonic inspiration behind Aquellex.
Kommisar Kommisar’s SoundCloud. We met on Flash Flash Revolution since mid-2010. Insaneous chiptune solos.
Kurorak’s homepage. We met on Flash Flash Revolution since mid-2013. Talented producer.
Princess Sylvysprit’s homepage. She does a lot of ZUN-inspired music.
Pain Perdu Paul & Max’s SoundCloud. Fellow LSDJ wizards part of innovative LSDJ music!
resir014 The person who spent more time making my site better than I did constructing the HTML/CSS.
Taka Perry Taka Perry’s homepage. We went to the same high schools in Canberra! We studied music together.
YZYX’s homepage. He is the primary sonic inspiration behind Aquellex. Let’s just say I studied his techniques as extensively as Mozart did with Bach!

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Website Description
Netlify Hosts this website. It’s like GitHub Pages, but better!
Gatsby Blazing-fast static site generator for React.js.

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Paul’s Tech Talk

Intense Tech With Defense Mech

Roboctopus’ LSDJ and You

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